These ones have been everyone’s favorite so far. They are also the most detailed ones and people think I have skills. I’m like “Naw, they’re just amazing stickers.”

  1. Camera: Motorola MB865
  2. Aperture: f/2.4
  3. Exposure: 1/50th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm

I willfully subscribe to child-free propaganda in multiple forms on this site, so why is Tumblr always suggesting that I follow parenting blogs?

My husband has a fondness for making a dessert from frozen bananas that really, really resembles ice cream. It’s gotta be way better for you than actual ice cream.

But don’t worry, I make up for it by adding chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and Vanilla Chex cereal to add a sweet crunch.

It’s OK, right? Because it’s healthy, right?

I am guilty of getting hangry, and quite often.

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This is about our health and our lives. This is about our fundamental right to have control over our own bodies. This is about justice — and we’re fighting back. If you agree, join Justice Ginsburg’s dissent.

I have been thinking about this a lot and never quite know what to say, but it’s kind of a big deal to me. I often wonder how this decision might impact the future and if the choices that have been made all the difference for me thus far might someday be taken away.

I might be entering into TMI-land here but just bear with me. I am one of those unfortunate ladies whose reproductive system rebels violently every month. I am not talking about bodily functions; I mean that I am in such severe pain that I literally cannot function. I remember one hot summer day a few years ago, going over paperwork with someone at work, and I dropped my pen on the floor. I bent sideways in my chair to retrieve it, and got stuck for a few long, awkward moments. I could not get back up. I couldn’t move.

That was during the year in which I used no birth control. I was single and not concerned with the contraceptive aspect of it, but the hormones helped me get out of bed while enduring The Female Experience. Birth control pills had on more than one occasion sent my mental health off a cliff, but it wasn’t until I found myself in the midst of a terrifying chronic migraine situation that I quit them.

I found myself back at the doctor’s office trying to figure out what to do when she asked me if I had ever thought of trying an IUD. I thought that was a terrible idea, so I sought a second opinion from another doctor. She said the same thing. I finally decided to give it a try, and have happily lived with a Mirena since December of 2011. Honestly, the fact that it prevents pregnancy is just an added bonus. It is so great to not live in pain, to not fear this normal part of life.

I am also a person of faith and considered carefully how it would work as birth control, and if I was OK with that. I talked about it with people I trusted. I have figured out ways to reconcile all of that - you can ask me about that some other time if you really need to know.

Yeah, I get that most methods are still covered under this ruling, and that we’re getting worked up over just a couple of them. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is good reason why there are so many options. Every body is different.

I fear that this will set a precedent, that someday this device that has truly been a blessing for me and helped me to live my life may no longer be available. And then… I really don’t know.

Maybe my story is a weird one and I speak from a minority, but let it serve as a reminder that this issue has a whole lot more to it than avoiding pregnancy. It really is an issue of women’s health.

This random factoid generator just told me I’m old. It also told me all kinds of other neat things!

A co-worker of mine gave me some tea this morning. This is nothing new, as we’re always all sharing snacks and things with each other. It was a welcome treat on such a foggy, dreary day.

Anyway, there were four tea bags in the pack, the one he gave to me being an extra, of sorts. He was steeping the other three - in just one cup of water.

It made me think of my dad and how he always used multiple servings of tea in one cup. If it was looseleaf, he’d double the amount; if it was in a bag, he’d use two or more. He didn’t like to use sugar, so that was his way of making it more flavorful.

It’s so strange, the small and mundane things that trigger memories and make me sad.


Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Saw one of these guys for the first time EVER this year, as we have a pair hanging around our feeder. The female, while very different looking from the male, is equally beautiful. New favorite bird right here!

  1. Camera: Nikon D100
  2. Aperture: f/11
  3. Exposure: 1/80th
  4. Focal Length: 200mm