Truth - this happened. I very confidently told people about how I was embracing single-ness, as I knew that things would happen in time. Then two weeks later I met this cute guy… And I still choose his company.

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I’m kinda sad that I didn’t know this for day one.

Nothing says bonding with the ones you love by checking out the Wienermobile. Nothing says bonding with the ones you love by checking out the Wienermobile.

Nothing says bonding with the ones you love by checking out the Wienermobile.

He can fall into a deep sleep instantly and on command. It makes me jealous.

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Today, I went to see the Oscar Mayer Wiener-Mobile (OK it is one of six) with my bestie and our husbands. Sarah got the last bunch of cutesy kid stickers, but the gal working gave me this to make up for it.

In all honesty I don’t even like hot dogs, and I can’t figure out how to make this work, but the whole event was pretty sweet. I’ll post more pictures later when those hubbies of ours upload the other pics.

I tried something fun! A friend of mine had a Jamberry Nails party a few weeks ago and I decided to buy some. I had never heard of them before but they are non-toxic acrylic nail wraps that adhere to your natural nails. I wasn’t sure about it. I mean, they’re kind of expensive, and some of the reviews were less than positive and suggested horrific damage to your nails. And of course whenever you “know” someone having a party they are really pushy to get you to buy things (I’m guilty of that too - sorry).

Anyway, verdict is that these are awesome. They’ve been on a week and they look great. They’re not hurting my nails at all. I am prone to having the top layers of my nails peel off, and I think they’re preventing that, maybe even making them healthier.

Normally if I paint my nails and somehow manage to dry them without smudging them, they start chipping within hours, so I rarely do because it’s a waste of time and effort. These were a little putzy to get on, but worth it for how well they’ve held up. I would do this again.

Which is good because I still have three other colors to try out.

Now when I run into people I know in public and they sheepishly smile at me and say nothing, I have to wonder if it’s still because they don’t exactly recognize me, or if it’s because they don’t know what to say to me.

I can feel myself starting to lose it. I haven’t, yet, but it’s getting harder not to. I never did, and I think everyone does at some point, when you lose someone. It’s just gonna have to be OK when it does happen.


How I Met Your Mother writers & producers, we need to talk.


This is old news now - the terrible finale was several days ago - but I am seeing this for the first time and I really enjoy it.

I started cleaning up my old bedroom at my parents’ house today. I’ve thought about it the last few times I’ve been there, and it’s mostly overwhelming. It was a small start, taking home a box of things and throwing away about as much, but it makes me feel a little better. My mom will want to move out of there as soon as she figures out what her options are, and whatever I can do to help that process along, I will do.

I was sad to realize how creative I once was, and how… Not I am these days. I came across tons of writings, and drawings, and sheet music for multiple instruments. Some of the sheet music was hand-written out and I couldn’t figure out if I just copied it down from something I wasn’t allowed to keep, or if I actually composed it myself. I used to write music like it was no big thing! I also found a pack of photo paper. Not for a printer - for a dark room.

These days I loosely write in this blog once in awhile, and take random pictures of my surroundings on my phone, and occasionally paint my nails. That’s about it. I have lots of beading supplies here and kept busy with them for a bit after my surgery, but they’ve mostly been hiding in a drawer. Matt and I have guitars, but I can’t tell you the last time they were out.

I gotta get back into some of it. Maybe not all of those things, but there’s gotta be something that I could still do fairly well and enjoy!

I can haz new computer!

A few weeks ago when I learned that Microsoft would soon be ending their service updates to XP, I asked Matt “Do you think we can put 7 on this computer?” He looked at the specs and said, “Well, maybe. But you probably don’t want to.” So that made that decision easy.

My old compy is a refurb I bought 4 years ago, so it was probably time. I got another refurb from the IBM website, because it worked really well for me all those years and was affordable. Also I am oddly specific in my love of the track point mouse, so I keep buying IBMs. My first laptop had ONLY that option, so that is what I got used to.

New computers are so fun… So shiny! And the keys are so… Clicky! Now to try not to get a bunch of food crumbs stuck in this one.